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Structure Resources is designed to be laser focused to impact our client’s productivity, profitability, and overall talent management.
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Structure Resources

Structure Resources is backed with over 30 years of experience in highly skilled craft staffing, specialty contracting, and construction management. Valuable experience and insight with various sides of commercial and industrial contracting allows Structure Resources to truly conduct business with our client’s best interest in mind.
With a passion for the Merit Shop Philosophy and what our industry has to offer, our founder Chad Sorrick, proudly serves on national and local Workforce Development Committees for Associated Builders and Contractors and Arizona Builders Alliance.
Our company name is very intentional. Our purpose is to impact the lives of our craft team members who are our Most Valuable Resource while providing Structure for our client partners through our Total Talent Solutions. We understand the true value a contractor receives while partnering with an effective variable craft workforce provider. This understanding drives everything we do from safety, assessing our craft team members, and choosing like minded contractors to perform alongside.
High Performance


Total Talent Solutions and Consulting

We offer labor and productivity consulting to ensure maximum productivity and profitability.

Skilled Craft Staffing

Structure Resources is designed to fill the value gap typically realized from a staffing agency verses the true value a talent solutions partner should deliver.

Direct Placement Recruiting

We offer direct placement recruiting opportunities for professional management roles.

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Safety Awareness
Intentional Efficiency
Merit Shop Philosophy

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ABC Elects 2021 National Chair, Executive Committee

WASHINGTON, Nov. 18―Associated Builders and Contractors’ Board of Directors elected Steve Klessig, vice president of architecture and engineering, Keller Inc., to serve as…
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Monthly Construction Input Prices Remain Stable in October, Says ABC

WASHINGTON, Nov. 13—Construction input prices remained virtually unchanged in October compared to the previous month, according to an Associated Builders…
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ABC’s Construction Backlog Indicator Rebounds in October; Contractor Optimism Rises

WASHINGTON, Nov. 10— Associated Builders and Contractors reported today that its Construction Backlog Indicator rebounded to 7.7 months in October, an increase of 0.2 months…
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