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Safety Awareness

We Are All About Safety!
As our #1 Core Value, we act on our genuine care for others and continuously strive to provide Safety Awareness to our craft team members, our clients, and those working around them. Safety Awareness is a habit that guides everything we do: from our work through our activities in our daily lives. Constant Awareness Becomes Contagious!


Our continual and guiding value is conducting all organizational work with the highest levels of Integrity. If you notice otherwise, we want to know about it today so we can fix it today!

Intentional Efficiency

Our company name is very Intentional! Our valued craft Resources and various services are designed to yield the Efficiency and Structure needed for our clients to achieve their strategic goals.

Merit Shop Philosophy

With a passion for the Merit Shop Philosophy, we understand that putting limits on productivity, open competition, and free-enterprise doesn’t work. We are proud members of the Associated Builders and Contractors and Arizona Builders Alliance.

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