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At Structure Resources, we believe there is a gap between the value typically delivered by a staffing agency, versus the true value a Total Talent Solutions partner should deliver. We aim to be your partner towards Intentional Efficiency by providing you with productivity and profitability consulting, a variable skilled craft workforce, and direct placement recruiting for professional management and leadership roles.

Because we only work with select key partners, we’re set up for highly focused customer responsiveness. We are passionate about providing the resources needed to achieve the proper structure for your organization.


Our continual and guiding value is conducting all organizational work with the highest levels of Integrity. If you notice otherwise, we want to know about it today so we can fix it today!

Intentional Efficiency

Our company name is very Intentional! Our valued craft Resources and various services are designed to yield Efficiency and the Structure needed assisting our clients towards achieving their strategic goals.

Merit Shop Philosophy

With a passion for the Merit Shop Philosophy, we understand that putting limits on productivity doesn’t work. We are proud members of the Associated Builders and Contractors and Arizona Builders Alliance.

Commercial and Industrial Skilled Craft Staffing

We understand it’s all about productivity, profitability, and skilled craft management! Our job is not to fill manpower requests so we can send an invoice. Our rigorous vetting and assessment process helps to ensure our clients receive the credible, safety-minded individuals needed to meet or exceed budget expectations. While working with only key client partners, we’re set up for excellent customer responsiveness while truly focusing on planning, productivity, and skilled craft management.
Industrial Electrician Working on Panel

Labor and Productivity Consulting

With over 30 years of experience providing skilled craft management consulting, we are the trusted experts eager to discuss how we can work together to provide simple solutions to complex problems.
Whether on a per project basis or a complete overview of annual operations and W2 activity, our consulting services are designed to help eliminate hire and de-hire costs and holdover costs while shielding our clients from safety and unemployment risks. Our highly focused Total Talent Solutions and sincere interest in our client’s efficiency is second to none!

Direct Placement Recruiting

We offer direct placement recruiting opportunities for professional management roles. Sometimes our clients are currently operating at the proper ratio of core and variable craft workers but need new leaders and professional management talent to achieve their strategic goals. Our Talent Specialists get to know your organization’s culture while working with hiring managers to attract the ideal candidates.

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