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Structure Resources provides a comprehensive, three-tier staffing solution that consistently enables construction businesses to sustain higher levels of workforce productivity and project profitability…

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Variable Craft Professional Staffing

Structure Resources construction craft professional staffing enables contractors to achieve and sustain a profitable balance of work-to-workers by using a variable skilled workforce through the constantly changing project lifecycle.

Whether you’re looking for one trade or a full crew, the employees we send are chosen specifically for you. We always ask specifics related to the type of individuals you need. Safety record, skill level, certifications, specific project experience and other attributes make each craft professional mobilized to your jobsite one who immediately enhances your project’s productivity and profitability.

Our vast industrial trade pipeline comprises thousands of Structure Resource team members – covering all trades – who we know well and who will be an excellent complement to your full-time workforce. Each emphasizes safety and has completed a rigorous vetting process that includes video conferencing or in-office interviews, thorough reference and background checks, skills assessments, client-specific orientation and more.

By only working with select key client partners, we’re set up for excellent customer responsiveness; we’re positioned well to serve an instrumental role in our clients’ short- and long-term skilled labor management process. 

We’re proud to be commonly referred to as a reliable extension of our client’s internal staffing resources.

Our focus on sustaining relationships with our trade employees has resulted in a large pool of tenured site managers we can call upon to serve our clients.

Direct Placement Recruiting

We offer direct placement recruiting services for positions that are instrumental in enabling construction and industrial businesses achieve their strategic goals.  

Concurrently to providing a timely, variable skilled workforce to operate at an optimized work-to-worker ratio, we introduce tenured leaders to our clients. Our professionals range from Superintendents, Project Managers and Foremen to Estimators, Project Coordinators and Safety Management. This requires our Talent Specialists to get to know your business and organization’s culture very well, while working with hiring managers to attract and present the ideal candidates for your business.

Our decades of construction workforce management experience mean we are connected to a large number of craft professionals who have evolved to project leaders. They demonstrate the management expertise needed to manage your projects to meet safety and quality expectations, budgets and, of course, deadlines.

Productivity Consulting & Risk Management

Structure Resources has a proven construction staffing model that enables businesses – who face a constantly fluctuating need for skilled workers – to more readily achieve and sustain greater workforce productivity and project profitability.

We work with our clients to help each better understand their overall workforce needs whether by project or based on their annual operations.  Our simple but effective W2 Analysis enables us to help you define – with mathematical logic – what your full-time workforce level should be.  And, how specifically to use a timely, variable workforce employed by Structure, to supplement the full-time workers as workload warrants it.  

Our consulting services are designed to substantially mitigate hire and de-hire costs, holdover costs, while shielding our clients from safety and unemployment risks. 

With over 45 years of craft management consulting experience, we are the trusted experts in providing simple workforce solutions to complex problems.

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